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" We pray that You will open the mouth of Your servant to proclaim that Word in the power of the Spirit. And we pray that this same Spirit will open the hearts of its hearers here assembled to receive Your holy gospel and write on their hearts Your holy law, even as You have promised."

- From the Bible

Every sermon needs five elements to succeed. These elements help you communicate for life change and challenge people to take their next step in following Jesus. The five elements are: scripture, skin, symbol, story and step.

Adam , Christ and Us

Dec 17 2023
Adam , Christ and Us | Bro.Ashbel | 17 Dec 23

Sing Carols like Holy Angels 👼

Dec 10 2023
Sing Carols like Holy Angels 👼 | Bro.Jerome | 10 Dec 23

Anxious for Nothing

Dec 03 2023
Bro.Karthik Rajaram
Anxious for Nothing | Bro.Karthik Rajaram| 3 Dec 23

Are you a Christ’s Sheep? 🐑

Nov 23 2023
Are you a Christ’s Sheep? 🐑 | Bro.Jerome | 23 Nov 23

Purpose in Suffering

Oct 29 2023
Bro. Vijay Praveen
Purpose in Suffering | Bro. Vijay Praveen | 10/29/2023

End Times

Oct 29 2023
Bro. David
End Times | Bro. David | 10/29/2023