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My name is Ann. I am here to testify what God has done in my daughter Michaela's life. When I was pregnant with her in 2019, I had a fetal scan on the 32nd week of pregnancy in Riverside Hospital, Ohio. The scan report said that the baby had an abnormality, had only one kidney. At first I was unable to digest the news, was praying about it. Then I was thinking when God gives its always a PERFECT GIFT, so I was not ready to accept what was happening with my baby. And then during next 8 weeks of pregnancy I had consecutive 3 scans, and all the scan reports said that the baby has only one kidney and the place where another kidney is supposed to be there was completely vacant or absent.

During those times in particularly to me, God was very gracious. During those 8 weeks of time God was bringing right people into my life-the people of Faith, the people of testimonies to inculcate the faith inside me. For Instance when I first shared this scan report with my English Church Pastor here, after the prayer he shared his grandson's miracle testimony. That was the first testimony that I heard and that encouraged me. And next I am hearing testimonies were God creating lungs over-night. Supernatural God! God of Creation! creating organs, God creating Miracles. All these testimonies started building faith in me and I kept praying for it. If my daughter Michaela needed a touch or a Miracle that can happen through Jesus.

I didn't have anyone to relay on. I kept praying, I kept building my faith and even I dreamt of a day like this where I could stand in front of the whole world and testify that "Once my baby had only one Kidney but now God has created a new Kidney

I thought that I could see the miracle right after her birth. But after she was born the ultrasound report confirmed that the baby has only one Kidney and the doctors refereed us to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio. When she was 3 months old we took her to hospital, the Doctor there confirmed that the baby has only one Kidney and this child would need further follow up to ensure that everything was going well. On that day, me and my husband made a decision-We are never ever going to take her to any other follow-ups or checkups. Michaela is given to us by God ,in our eyes she is completely healthy. We were not concerned about any issues because when God gives his children any gifts, it's always the best and the perfect one. Its never incomplete or partial but to the fullest. We believed that Michaela is perfect

Then time passed by we moved to India and in August 2021, while my daughter was playing with my husband suddenly she collapsed and then we rushed her to emergency. The doctors were unable to understand the cause of event and did all to save her life. We were devastated and completely clueless of what was happening around, then doctors told they saved life of Michaela and put her on ventilator support and added they were unable to rule-out the cause of event so they needed to do further test to understand the cause. Literally they were doing all sort of test on that tiny baby, but the results were coming out as negative or normal. Later that night she was having an abdominal ultrasound after that scan, like usual I asked if everything is normal. But this time they had a different news to share, they told all organs looked fine and her right kidney is fine and normal of size and also her left kidney is also fine and normal of size

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."

- Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)

We couldn't contain our joy, we started screaming and started crying out of joy and praised God. The doctors and duty staffs were looking at us confused. Then we told them that this baby was born with one kidney as per the report but now you are saying that she has two kidneys and that too of normal size. Then it was confirmed by a Pediatric Nephrologist that Micheala has two kidneys both of normal size. We knew that the miracle would happen and now God has showed as where there was an empty space, he has created a complete normal one. Not a partial one not an incomplete one, but a perfect size kidney

The next day she came out of the ventilator and started breathing by her own.All the tests came out to be normal and negative. We still don't know why these sequence of events happened in her life. But we still believe that it was Gods plan to reveal that he has created a new miracle in her life, the miracle that we were longing for, the miracle that we were praying for, the miracle that longed to see -A New Kidney

I just want encourage those reading this testimony that, God is not done with You. God is still working behind your scenes. You may be thinking seems to be not working from your side. But Gods time is not done, he has still plans for you and he is able to create new things for you, a perfect and a complete one. Your miracle is near you. Start dreaming for that.

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