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Gracious GOD

I am, Nithya Naveen sharing my journey from barren to blessed. We were waiting upon the Lord for a blessing of a child. I lost my first pregnancy in 6th month in 2011, then had 3 recurrent miscarriages back to back. During this time of despair, a Pastor from South Africa during his mission trip to India prophesied that when he visits India next time, I will be conceived with a girl child. Due to the recurrent miscarriages, my Doctor was apprehensive that I cannot sustain a pregnancy and asked me to consider surrogacy in Nov’2017 and to meet her with a surrogate mother. We left the Doctor’s office with a heavy heart and the Holy Spirit led us to believe DEAD ENDS ARE THE PLACE WHERE MIRACLES UNWIND. We stopped going to Doctors and just held on to the word of our Lord and his promises and trusted in the prophecy given to us. There were many men and women of God uplifting us in prayers and strengthened us spiritually to trust in God alone.

Then we stopped consulting doctors, month after month I used to pray Lord let this be my miracle month. Nothing happened until April 2018, then the holy spirit led me to pray “Lord I will not give you an ultimatum that this should happen this month, but LET YOUR WILL BE DONE IN MY LIFE, I WILL WAIT UPON UNTIL THAT DAY LORD, PLEASE GIVE ME THE STRENGTH”. The month when I surrendered to the will of God I conceived without any medical intervention. We were overwhelmed on the faithfulness of our Lord in keeping his words. Then came another challenge, that the baby may be born with a heart block. I was carefully monitored every 2 weeks and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, my baby’s heart developed perfectly and no heart block could touch my baby girl.

She was born perfect on 18-Dec-2018 but a little underweight of 2.12 kgs. In spite she never had an NICU stay, she is as healthy as she can be. Our Lord's hands was on her and nothing could touch my child. We named her as “CHARA DAPHNE” meaning everlasting crown of joy. OUR GOD IS A FAITHFUL GOD, HIS EYES AND HEART ARE ALWAYS ON US. HIS MERCY IS ENDLESS AND HIS LOVE IMMEASURABLE. THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE DEAR JESUS AND KEEPING US A LIVING TESTIMONY.

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