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Praise The Lord! My name is Mahila Sherly. I was born into a Christian family. I learned about Jesus through my lovable parents, and I praise God for them.

Now I want to share my testimony of what God has done in my life. I had lipoma for the past 12 years. It never bothered me, and they usually are harmless. So I've never worried much about it. In the year 2021, during the Christmas holidays, I got Covid. The day I tested positive for Covid, some new infection started on my lipoma. I couldn't sleep; I couldn't walk or do anything. It became huge and was very itchy and painful and had a bad smell on it. When I called the doctor's office to make an appointment, my doctor was out of the office, and they asked me to go to the emergency.

But I didn't want to, and I said I'd wait for the doctor, and I got an appointment for Jan-7th. When the doctor checked, he said the infection had gone deep inside, and they must drain it, which would be a painful process. After draining, he gave me some antibiotics and told me to take them for ten days, and once the drain stopped, I could remove the dressing. But for me, even after a month, it was draining. I had to wear a bandage daily and my skin color changed. Then I went again to the doctor, and they took some samples to test what kind of infection it was. Then he gave me a new set of antibiotics. These antibiotics caused lots of side effects. Even if I drank water, I would be in the restroom. It started to hurt my tummy. This continued till June—every month, new antibiotics and painkillers.

I got frustrated. Again I went to the doctor. This time he gave me some new ointment and antibiotics, and he said if it reoccurs, he'll suggest a scan, and we'll go for surgery. I felt very disturbed. I came home, I took medicine for a couple of days, and I came to one conclusion that I shouldn't take any more antibiotics. If there is any infection, I'll apply this ointment, and I thought I should learn to live with it. But whenever I get pain and see an infection, I'll keep my hands on it and pray. On October 28th, I had some blood tests for my other health conditions, and I was so worried that everything should be normal. From morning I was praying. God spoke to me through verses

"2) Have mercy on me, LORD, for I am faint; heal me, LORD, for my bones are in agony.
3) My soul is in deep anguish. How long, LORD, how long?
4) Turn, LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love.
5) Among the dead, no one proclaims your name. Who praises you from the grave?
6) I am worn out from my groaning. All night long, I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears.
9) The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer. "

- PSALMS 6: 2-6, 9 (ESV)

I felt so happy. After going home again, God spoke to me through Facebook. One of my friends shared a few quotes, "Believe that God will do the impossible in your life!" "God says!! My child, you worry too much. Remember, There is nothing impossible For me to do. I know, I see, I hear you. You are never forgotten."

God assured me again with these beautiful lines, and I felt peace in my heart. That day evening, we had Bible study, and I went. That day again, I had pain and an active infection in my lipoma, and I was a little worried. My sister-in-law has a worship group, and every week Saturday, they meet through Google Meet at 10 AM IST, and for us it's Friday 11:30 PM EST. Usually, I always join, but few weeks I couldn't join due to other work. So while leaving home, one of my friends reminded me about the prayer because she was giving a sermon that day. So after going home, I joined the tele-prayer, and during sermon she quoted the verse from PSALMS 118:17. I will not die but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done!

And she said, Declare and recount and proclaim what the Lord has done! I'm not called to perish. I am not called to die in between. I will be a living testimony. To inspire and illustrate in the land of the dead.

And she also said, " I want to come and shake you, and I want to say that to you." Those words touched me. Deep down in my heart, I always feared death, and I always asked God that I should be a living testimony. Again I felt peace, and I slept nicely that night. While sleeping, I felt some itchiness again. I always check that place if I feel itchy, and that time when I checked, I couldn't find my lipoma. That place was flat. I was moving my fingers around to check again, and it was not there. I didn't want to go and check the mirror because I didn't want to doubt my God. I prayed and slept. As soon as I woke up, I went and saw in the mirror. I could see only a tiny hole, and the skin on that area was clear and normal. Amen! Praise God! Our God is so loving that even though I am not worthy of this, he healed me and made me a testimony.

During this process, God built my FAITH IN HIM. He taught me so many things through this. I did a sketch, and I asked God to follow my path so that my lipoma would be healed. My plan was for temporary healing, but God's plan is always awesome and wonderful. He gave me permanent healing. Always trust God's way! Whatever you go through in your life, surrender it to HIM; he will make you stand as a testimony. It might take days, months, or years but more the waiting BIGGER the testimony.

FEAR NOT! Trust in God and HIS ways! He is a loving God, a miracle worker, a promise keeper, OUR LIGHT in our darkness! Amen!

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